Conditional Registration


Conditional registration, sometimes referred to as Historic Registration, is available to owners of historic vehicles that are more than 30 years old and prescribed left hand drive vehicles that were manufactured before 1 January 1974 and have not been altered from the Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) specifications apart from variations allowed in the Code of Practice for the Conditional Registration Scheme For Historic Vehicles And Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles.
The full Code contains more information on the requirements for eligibility which you should be aware of and it can be downloaded here.

There is also a guide to Conditional Registration Of Historic Vehicles And Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicles available here.
This contains more information on gaining conditional registration and the obligations of a driver of a conditionally registered vehicle.

Full details are available at the SA Transport Website.


The owner must be a financial member of the Club to obtain historic registration through the Juventus Motorcycle Club; if financial membership ceases, so does the entitlement to conditional registration. The vehicle must also meet the eligibilty requirements of age and historic integrity outlined in Part 2 of the Code.


Prior to historic vehicles and prescribed left hand drive vehicles being considered for conditional registration the vehicle must undergo an inspection by an authorised person. This inspection is not to check the mechanical safety or roadworthiness of the vehicle, but is only to confirm its historic integrity and to confirm that the vehicle has no variations other than allowed in Part 2 of the code. The authorised person will provide you with a completed 'Approval for Conditional Registration of a Historic, Prescribed Left Hand Drive Vehicle or Street Rod Vehicle Form (MR334)' which must be presented with the normal application for registration and third party insurance.

Log books

Once the vehicle has been registered, you are required to apply for a log book through the Club; you will need to show the certificate of registration at the time of application. A small fee will be charged for the log book.

The log book can be used to record your journeys for a period of three years. At the end of the third year from the issue of the log book, you will need to apply for a new log book. In addition, you are required to make sure that the section of the log book which has details of club membership is updated each year when you renew your club membership. This means a Club official must enter the period of membership in the log book and sign, date and stamp the entry.

The log book must be carried in the vehicle at all times when the vehicle is being used and it must have a description of each journey recorded. You may not use the vehicle for more than 90 days in each period of twelve months in the period of registration.

Annual Statutory Declaration

From 1 July 2012 onwards, participating vehicle owners must provide their club with a statutory declaration annually verifying the eligibility of the vehicle to be registered under section 25 of the Act for the purposes of this scheme and detailing any modifications made to the vehicle during that year. If any modifications have been made to the vehicle, the participating vehicle owner must detail the modifications made since the last declaration and/or club inspection of their vehicle.

A copy of a Statutory Declaration is available here

Arranging Inspections

Financial members of the Club can arrange an inspection by contacting one of the following authorised persons:

Chris Richardson 0416 349 666
David Robley 0412 408 466